Army Rations

Carbine Demonstration


Great detail is taken with uniforms and equipment to reproduce them as correctly as possible.


Horse option

You have the option to have the living historian accompanied by a very crowd friendly horse.  Our horses are well trained, calm, trained to gunfire, and period correctly outfitted!




Our living historians interact with the students to better explain aspects and tactics.  This ads realism and makes the event even more memorable.



We Teach History

It can be difficult to get students to understand the differences in our society between the past and the present.  Teachers attempt to make history interesting, but many times, due to budget restraints,  they are limited only to a textbook and maybe have time for a video.  On-Site brings a Living Historian right to your classroom.  Our historians share the attitudes, lifestyles, political thinking, attire, paraphanalia, to your students for a rate much more affordable than the cost of a fieldtrip.  Imagine your students learning about the American Civil War from the perspective of a Union cavalryman as he shares the way he lived, ate, fought, and suffered while interacting with your students.



Voices from the Past

History is a record of people and events. Our history becomes the basis of our identity, good and bad. History becomes our legacy as a people and a nation and it forms the basis of our heritage. We can look back on our history and be proud, emboldened, patriotic, motivated, cautioned, reluctant, even frightened. The purpose of On-Site is to bring to the students of today a snapshot, if you will, of a person who not only witnessed but participated in history. Through the study of research material including first-person journals and diaries, our historian becomes a "voice from the past" as they portray the life and experiences of an individual from American history.



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